SALC’s mission is to serve families in need of legal help, and we take every aspect of that very seriously. More than 1,000 people seek help from us each year. All of them deserve to know that their private information will be protected. SALC has strict policies requiring the shredding of any documents with confidential information, and each office has locked bins for documents to be shredded.

We recently learned that some confidential documents from our Hillsboro office were placed in a recycling container rather than in the locked shredding bin. This happened because of a mistake by the cleaning crew, and we have adopted new policies to ensure that all documents are kept secure until they can be properly destroyed. Our Executive Director sought additional advice from the Professional Liability Fund, which assists members of the Oregon State Bar with issues of practice management. Following this advice, SALC has notified all potentially affected clients with recommendations on how to protect themselves.

We have not seen any evidence that any information was actually misused, but we will continue to communicate with our clients and address any issues that arise. We believe that every business, particularly a law firm, must be vigilant about protecting information, and we’ve learned important lessons from this mistake.

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