Family Law Services


SALC serves low-income families with their family law needs. Our attorneys work on a multitude of cases and use their expertise in the field of family law to improve the lives of their Clients. 

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SALC can help step-parents or other family members navigate the legal steps of adoption.

Child Custody

SALC attorneys can help secure custody agreements and parenting plans that serve the children’s best interests and make sure children grow up in a safe and productive environment. We can also help grandparents or other third parties who have established a relationship with a child to seek custody or parenting time.

Child Support

SALC can help ensure that families get enough financial support in order to meet the children's needs.


SALC helps people handle the complex process of divorce, one of the most financially and emotionally challenging experiences that any person will face.


Domestic Violence Protection

SALC can assist in cases involving restraining orders, the Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) or other domestic violence issues.


SALC can assist individuals seking to serve as guardians of minor children or adults who need protection.

Spousal Support

SALC helps our clients find the financial stability they need, including the process of establishing or modifying spousal support.


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